dipl. math. Martin Mattmüller 

Bernoulli-Euler-Zentrum, Universitätsbibliothek Basel, Schönbeinstrasse 18-20, 4056 Basel

Tel.:  +41 61 207 31 41

The lives and works of the great mathematicians and scientists who originated in Basel, Switzerland, during the 17th and 18th centuries – in particular, the members of the Bernoulli family and Leonhard Euler – are the subject of a joint internet platform that is currently being developed.

BEOL will present all the published works, manuscripts and correspondence of this group of eminent scholars in several versions ranging from scanned originals by way of diplomatic transcriptions to critical editions and translations, complemented by recent research.

BEOL is a globally interconnected virtual research environment, open for new developments; it provides an ample set of efficient and flexible tools for editorial work and research in the history of science.

BEOL is constructed in a modular way: In a first stage (until 2019) the Basel Edition of the  Bernoulli Correspondences (BEBB) and parts of the correspondence series of Leonhard Euler’s Opera Omnia edition (LEOO IVA) are being integrated. A genuinely digital, multi-layered full edition of Jacob Bernoulli’s significant scientific notebook Meditationes is also included.

In a long-term perspective, BEOL will convert both the Bernoulli and the Euler Edition into a web-based open-source database with sophisticated searching options, comprehensive overall indexes and external as well as internal link structures.

BEOL is being developed by the Bernoulli-Euler Center and the Digital Humanities Lab at the  University of Basel.